Over the years, I’ve written at quite a few various places. Here I’ll go though some of main places. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but covers the majority of the stuff I have written. There are a few isolated articles of mine living on the internet somewhere, but I can’t really remember where they are, so it probably doesn’t matter all that much.


My first blog. Ah yes. The year was 2002. Everybody seemed to want a blog of their very own. I had a few friends who were already part of Xanga, so that’s where I went. It covers about 4 years of my life, with regular posting pretty much until the time I left to come to the U.S. I’ve since deactivated the account, so that this is the only place you can read the nonsense I was posting in my twenties.

Match Fit USA

Not long after I moved to the States I found this blog about football, in particular football in this country. I made a few comments on articles, and they must have been interesting because I was asked to contribute pieces myself. Eventually, that led to me actually getting a media credential for the USA – Argentina game at the Meadowlands, (which was exciting), and from there into doing more in-person writing (see below). Jason Davis, the owner of the site, has since moved on to bigger and better things (as have a couple of the other contributors), but I’m grateful that he gave me somewhere to pontificate. I’ve copied all of the stuff I wrote to this site, because it’s not clear how long MFUSA will be around.

Prost Amerika

When I was at the aforementioned USA – Argentina game, I happened to run into a photographer called Scott Marsh. As you do, we started talking, and it turned out that most of his pictures were for Prost Amerika, a Seattle-based football website. I found out that they had a gap in their reporter coverage, and needed somebody to cover the Cascadia sides’ trips to the North East. So I did it. I’d go to either New England or New York whenever one of Seattle, Portland or Vancouver came east, and I was able to get press credentials for other games if I felt like it. For a while I was heading to games most weeks, and it was a lot of fun, but real life eventually caught up with me and I stopped enjoying it quite so much. Also, with the unbalanced schedule, these teams only come to each of NY/NE once every two years anyway. I’ve not been to a game as a member of the press for quite some time (I think the last time was in 2013 sometime) and the editor Steve Clare moved onto bigger and better things (becoming Editor at Soccerly.com, based out of LA.)