Percey Mackrill FC was a 7-a-side team I had the good fortune to play with for nearly 4 years before I emigrated. I had been asked about 2 weeks after the death of my father by a chap I’d known since I was small; he was really a friend of my dad’s but as I’d grown up we’d become pretty friendly too. Anyway, I think the invitation was mainly due to sympathy (let’s face it, it wasn’t because I’m Puskas reincarnate) but it was very welcome. (sidenote; Faulkner – email me). I started writing match reports for fun – it meant I was able to use my type of sarcasm on people I knew didn’t mind – and eventually I got bored enough one evening to make an entire website. That’s gone now, and sadly so are most of the reports, but I have managed to salvage a few of them from the Wayback Machine.

Presented here without comment.

Olympians F.C. 3-2 Percey Mackrill

A clever ruse by Ballo ensured that everybody got there in time for this game. His inspired idea of telling everyone that the game started at 7 instead of 8 meant that we were able to have a pre-match drink in the bar. Brilliant planning, Ballo. Without ‘keeper Andy Kingdon, (probably having his Ronaldo hairdo […]

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Percey Mackrill 3-2 B.T.F.A.

The Perceys won this hard-fought game after coming from behind in grand style. Missing the influential Head and Scales, the boys in white were reduced to a dead seven, with Clare being persuaded to run the line. Badders returned to the fold, fresh from his gate vandalising antics last week. Much entertainment was had in […]

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Perceys 7 (Seven) Sparky’s II 7 (Seven)

You know, one day, we’ll draw 0-0 and it’ll be a really crap game. At least I’d be able to remember who bloody scored! Anyway, this was a really good game by anybody’s standards..some of the defending on both sides could be said to be a bit ropey, but what the hell, it made it […]

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Brother Percey Speaks!

The ‘mascot’ for the Percey Mackrill team was a monk that had been named “Brother Percey”. I’ve honestly no idea why this was the case – it happened long before I started playing – but once I made the website I thought it might be a cool idea to have the monk write an occasional blog. […]

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Atletico Wall of Sound 1-1 Percey Mackrill

This was one of those games where you come off the pitch and really can’t work out how you haven’t won. Without Terry or the influential James Down (problems at school, which put Whisky on ice, haha) the Perceys started with a dead seven for the first time in, ooh, ages. Fortunately, AWOS were sporting […]

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