In deference to the country in which I am now situated, I’ve called this category ‘soccer’, but rest assured, children of Blighty, that I still call it football about 97% of the time. When in Rome, and all that.

Although doing as the Romans would technically mean I’d be speaking Latin and hanging messiahs, so it’s probably for the best I don’t take these things literally.

Also – football!

Choosing an MLS Team

Following soccer in the United States can be difficult when you’re a relative newcomer, and finding a team to call your own even more so. I’ve wanted to find a time to root for most of my time here. It’s all very well staying aloof to the vagaries of the club season, but supporting a […]

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Another David Beckham Blog Post

I’ll admit it; I’ve been a closet fan of David Beckham for more than 15 years. I even vaguely recall him as a fresh-faced lad out on loan at Preston North End (of the Championship), in which he scored 2 goals from his 5 appearances. (link to video) The goal at Wimbledon on the first […]

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Finding a New FIFA President

Following last week’s Zurich debacle, and having got fed up with seeing the smug face of Sepp Blatter everywhere, I wanted to find out how the FIFA President is elected. Given the murky way in which the World Cup hosts are decided, I’d rather expected it to be conducted in secret, with very little accountability.And […]

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Football Is Failed Again (Or FIFA, For Short)

So, after years of planning, politicking, jetsetting and begging, the World Cups in 2018 and 2022 were awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively. The initial shock faded after about an hour, to be replaced by a cold, simmering rage, which then transformed into overwhelming apathy at the pointlessness of it all, before giving way to […]

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The Future of the MLS Playoffs

et’s face it; the MLS playoff system this season has been less than ideal. When the Eastern conference final is contested between two teams nominally from the west, you know something has gone wrong somewhere. In other sports, the playoff procedure has been determined for quite some time and everybody – fans, teams, journalists – […]

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