Ah, politics. I get annoyed by politics. Or, to be more accurate, I get annoyed at people using politics as a means to further their own agenda. Yes, I realise that’s mostly the point of politics, but it seems to me that more problems would get fixed if people could just put aside their desire to make cheap points in an effort to just work together.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

So here is where I shall write about politics. Most likely it’ll be about political rather than social issues, although you know how these things go; it could end up being a bit of both.

Not all Muslims that are terrorists are ‘Muslim terrorists’

Arrived at work to news of the hunt for the second (surviving) suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. So many things to say, but without so much time all I really wanted to point out was that I’m getting increasingly pissed off with the assumption that anybody who follows Islam is a terrorist. The suspects […]

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Thatcher – This Lady’s Not Returning

When I got into work yesterday it was to news that Margaret Thatcher had passed away. I immediately made the decision not to look at Facebook all day, because I knew that there would be equally as many “Greatest. Leader. Ever.” posts as there were proclaiming “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”. Incidentally – there’s […]

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Presidential Elections 2012

Note; I thought this post was lost when the site died, but for some reason most of it was still here when we got back up and running. This particular version is incomplete, and I can’t remember how I ended it, so I’m going to just put this little note in instead. Apparently there’s an […]

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