I have been woken up by…well, I guess you’d call it a nightmare but it’s so ridiculous that it defies belief, and I wanted to write it down before I forget it in the newly conscious fog.

For some reason, two members of the A Team have been gunned down and are dead (this is weird because nobody dies in the A Team. Seriously, bad guys in that show make Stormtroopers look as accurate as Ben Kenobi would have you believe.). In a last selfless act before croaking, Face and B.A. have transferred all of their money to my friend Car Park (not his his real name) to help him look after his family. Hannibal and Murdock have disappeared to the middle east seeking vengeance but then a cement truck full of radioactive white powder has been exploded in Paignton, Devon (look it up, american types) and covered me entirely, ultimately ensuring my unpleasant demise; but before that can happen I’m driving the truck around – and it’s difficult because the powder is very snowlike in both appearance/texture, and effect upon the road surface – desperately trying to take it further away from the people. Also I’ve been joined by somebody I used to work with (and not a fun person. Honestly, my subconscious has a sick sense of humour, making me spend the last minutes existence with somebody who annoyed the living crap out of me.).

I woke up when I lost control of the cement truck and flipped it over.

I should not eat cheese after 9pm.