Arrived at work to news of the hunt for the second (surviving) suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. So many things to say, but without so much time all I really wanted to point out was that I’m getting increasingly pissed off with the assumption that anybody who follows Islam is a terrorist.

The suspects in this case are Muslim, apparently. But it does not automatically follow that the reason for their alleged acts of terrorism is their religion. It is entirely possible for anybody to do bad things without the motivations automatically being based upon a religion.

It’s entirely hypocritical – and probably dangerous – that people and media types assume that a person’s religion is their sole motivation for acts of terror when that religion happens to be Islam. That’s total bullshit. A white guy emailing ricin to government officials is not labelled a Christian terrorist. In fact, his religion is not even mentioned. But some chap who happens to follow the teachings of Muhammed has that fact blasted around the world immediately. It’s wrong.

Now, I’m entirely aware that there is a chance that these two Chechens (which is not the former Czechoslovakia, dummies) could have religious reasons for doing what they have. But it’s not certain; there are several other potential motivations, ranging from “Chechen separatism” to “yeah, they just craaazy”. Therefore my point remains:

Some terrorists are Muslims

Not All Muslims are terrorists

Not all Muslims that are terrorists are ‘Muslim Terrorists’