Every so often I’ll make a gag that I’m so proud of that I get upset when it doesn’t receive what I might consider appropriate recognition. I’m fully aware that this is most likely the product of both an inflated sense of my own hilarity and a fragile ego.

It’s happened twice recently. Once for an animated gif I made riffing on Houston Dynamo’s impressive record (visible at LOLMLS), and another just today when Gary Lineker (my childhood hero who coincidentally has the exact same birthday as my mother) posted this –

(you might need to click on the picture to get the full effect). Henry Winter, a respected journalist for the Telegraph, replied with a pretty good comment, and I couldn’t help myself.

I find that when I make jokes, it’s usually enough that I amuse myself. This is true for about 90% of my gags, and it must be said that I actually do sit there and giggle at myself. This is ok when I’m at home but if I’m out and about people will look at me funny. As I say, I was quite pleased with myself in this particular case, so I thought I’d post it here so that I can always come back rather than have to trawl through all of my tweets.

[addtional – I should note Henry Winter congratulated me on my contribution. appreciation from strangers always makes me feel warm and fuzzy]