I hadn’t really felt like writing much after my recent post (entitled “06482”). It wasn’t because of any maudlin sentimental reason, or at least, I don’t think so: I just never really felt like it. That’s the way it is sometimes. The town has pretty much got back to some semblance of normal, although quite how things will ever be ‘normal’ is beyond me. Regardless, the news crews have moved on, and people are trying to rebuild lives; although as I’ve said previously, not being a huge part of the community here means that I’m not the best person to speak what may or may not be happening, so I shan’t.

What’s happened on the website is easier for me to describe – the website went kaput. Dead. Buggered. Mammaries vertical. Not anybody’s fault. Just one of those things. The main upshot of this is that I lost everything that I’d posted since the ‘launch’ of the site. Fortunately I had a backup of all of the old stuff, but I have had to re-do the templating stuff that I’d had in place before; rest assured, faithful reader(s), that the complete lack of design skill I demonstrated last time will be in evidence again!

I’m also hoping to write more about what I’m writing (that sounds circular, but isn’t), so stay tuned!