Rather obviously, I’ve been trying to put together a website. Twitter is great for random knob gags but I really wanted somewhere in which I could write longer posts, even if more often than not they’re likely to be ranty affairs that nobody wants to read anyway. Part of this process has been bringing over all of my blog posts from the Xanga site and putting them here.

Initially I was reluctant to do this, because most of the stuff there is a lot more personal than the things I generally write about; it covers about 4 years of my life fairly comprehensively (including the death of my father) and then a few very infrequent postings from the U.S. after I moved. I realised, though, that there remains a real possibility that Xanga will eventually close down that blog anyway, and I do want to keep hold of the content, if only for my own memories.

Then, having made that decision, I got a bit uncertain; I mean, do I want people who know me now to know what I was like then? Admittedly, this is a rather neurotic question to be asking myself, but dammit, I’m British. Neurotic is what we do. In the end I’ve decided to restrict access to those posts. I’ve found a nifty plugin that allows me to do that. Let’s face it, registering for this little site is hardly going to be a massive barrier to people, but at least then I’ll have an idea who is actually reading them.

Thinking about it some more, I shall probably not restrict *everything* from the Xanga site. Just the most personal/embarrassing stuff.