I think this’ll be the first time I’ve posted on successive days for about…..3 years. Pretty amazing, really. Anyway. I just wanted to share a little story that will remind you that we are all getting old(er).

Yesterday, we went to the deli for lunch. It’s a good deli, with a really cool waitress. I’ve started trying to watch what I eat a it more, because I had a cholesterol test and it was waaaaay too high; with my family history, an early heart attack is not really something I’m keen on. So, I’ve started eating less crap, having egg white omelettes instead of usual eggs, that sort of thing. As a brief aside, as part of my eating-less-crap drive, I’ve been reading the nutritional information on the side of food, and one egg contains 89% of the daily recommended amount for cholesterol. 89%!!!

Another part of this is not putting sugar in my coffee. Now I use a very nice sugar substitute (Splenda, actually) which does the job very well. Thing is, the deli didn’t have any the last time we went so I was forced to bring my own from home. Oh, I though, how times have changed. Time was I would have a prophylactic or two in my wallet, whereas nowadays I’m carrying sugar substitute. Rock on. Admittedly, I didn’t very often used the condoms for their specific purpose, but regardless the possibility that they me required was there. I think I made a comedy balloon out of one once.

So…I’m getting old. I no longer think about contraceptives when I’m out and about. I have that all taken care of at home. Does that mean I’m old, and past it? Probably. Mind you, I don’t think I was ever *not* past it. I’ve always been somewhat lagging behind my peers when it comes to women. Think I’m fortunate that I’ve found one who loves me despite my various foibles, and crap jokes.