Wow, I’d almost forgotten about this. It’s really only because I was trying to find a way of blogging on my Facebook that this was revisited. Annoyingly, I was quite close to actually writing my own blog app for Facebook*, and I thought I’d be really clever by condensing Facebook Blog to ‘Flog’. Sadly, somebody had already done it, so here I am.

I could bore you with various details about what is happening right now, but the main thing to divulge is that I have a new job – starting next monday I will be optimising website for serach engines. (that’s SEO to you, matey). So that’s good. Far better than trying to explain to some poor sap why his hot tub isn’t working.I have more to write about, just not right now, because I want to make sure that this Flog thingy works.

*when I say ‘write my own’, I really mean ‘attempt to write my own’, because I’m not entirely sure how to anyway!