I’ve not posted for ages. Tough

So, I guess you want to know what’s been going on. Well, I got married. That’s all good. I’m not going to bore you with details because, let’s face it…you’re not interested. I’m super-happy that I’m a husband, though, and that’s all there is to say about that particular thing.

Just been out in the snow. Yes, snow. Wheee! It’s snowed about 6 inches which gave the immediate area a nice white sheen. Until i went out and stood in it. Hehe, I feel as though I’ve corrupted the snow. I like it. Also took the opportunity to move the car and clear all the snow off because..well, I was really just enjoying myself. I’ve not seen a great deal of snow, it still thrills me. That’s why I used to love Ski Sunday. Well, that and hoping that people would crash, obviously.

Can’t be arsed to write anything clever or funny so I’ll say cheerio. Cheerio for now! I intend to write more soon, but I’m already half-way down the road to hell anyway….