Went up to Vermont at the weekend in an attempt to finalise wedding stuff. Quick precis of recent events – the place at which we’d originally planned to have the wedding screwed around completely, even deciding that they should charge $8 for somebody to deliver a cake (?!) Hmm, yeah. So, anyway, we managed to find a place in Montpelier, which is a bit closer, and, as it turns out, totally great. Really, its a shame we didnt think of having it there in the first place. We got flowers sorted (well, not ‘we’, Jess), decorations (again, not ‘we’, Jess), and cake aranged (haha, that was me…tasting cake, tough gig). Also we met up the guy who’s going to be officiating at the wedding, a great guy with the simply amazing name of Barney Bloom. I think he should be some sort of superhero, really, because that’s a quality name for an alter-ego. In any case. The ceremony is going to have a Jewish flavour to it, which is cool, because despite my previous rejection of anything religious *at all*, I’ve been doing a bit of research, and besides the whole family-orientated thing (which I like), this particular branch seems to treat belief in God as sort of optional. Which is really handy, because I’d feel pretty uncomfortable declaring stuff before a God I don’t thing exists. (plus, if I’m wrong, I may really regret it after I die) So what I’m doing now is trying to find some alternative Jewish marriage blessings…amazingly, Google comes up empty. Hm. Any suggestions?

So that was interesting. On the way back, I got a speeding ticket. Bah. In my defence, I think it’s most unsporting to have policemen in unmarked cars on the highway. Ok, so I was doing 80. But you know, I almost didnt mind getting stopped because the cop was the nicest man I have ever met. No, really. He really didnt want to give me a ticket but he had too, etc, etc…I know he probably gives that spiel to everybody he does, but it was nice.