Decided it was time I posted again. This is because I’ve finished Final Fantasy IX (note: the ‘IX’ must be pronounced as “Icks” because it’s obviously supposed to be that, otherwise they’d have just said ‘9’), but it’s mostly because I have some news.

You see…I’m getting married. Yeah, I know, scary stuff. Believe me, nobody is more surprised than me that I’ve managed to find a woman great (read: mad) enough to take me on full-time, but there you go. I can tell its right because rather than being “oh, my god! what am I doing?!” about it, I’m very relaxed and “ooh, yeah” about it all. Planning the whole thing is going to be a trial, though, but thankfully Jess has realised that I’m not the most organised of individuals and is very keen to do a lot of it. I’ll be on hand to help, obviously – probably to just nod my head and say “Mmmm” when asked about such things as flowers. Even better, both of my other favourite women – my mother and my sister – are going to be able to come. We were actually thinking of eloping, but the more we thought about it, the more we realised that a: we wanted the people we love to come, and b: they’d kill us if they found out we were married *afterwards*

So, yeah. 13th January. A mite soon, possibly, but Jess is hamstrung somewhat because of the way the holidays are allocated at her work. Yay!

-reading this book. (below) It’s pretty depressing reading. And even though I know how it ends, I find myself cheering for the Indians. I always go for the underdog. Following Torquay United does that to you, even when you know they’ve no chance.