You know, I used to be funny. Honestly, I’d make jokes and they’d really be rather good. But recently, I’ve not been finding as many things to poke fun at. I’m not sure whether that’s a sign that I’m growing up, or perhaps I’m just having one of those bare patches that people have in whatever skill or ‘thing’ that they can do. Occasionally I come out with something clever, or witty, but not really as often as I’d like. Anyway, I was sort of hoping that in typing this something good would come to me and I’d be able to write it here. I’ve been looking at some newspapers while I’ve been here and as yet, nothing. That’s weird, too, because there’s a lot of stuff happening that should be ripe for some jokes. Example – Congressman Mark Foley getting caught saying naughty stuff to a 16 year old congressional page – pretty much everybody has said something about this. If I was to do it, I’d probably go for something like…”Congressman Mark Foley is moving on with his life week. Not for the first time, he’s trying to turn a page.” But whilst that’s ‘okay’, I’m not know…feeling it. Other news; “Same-sex marriage returns to ballot” (currently 13 states have constitutional amendments actively banning same-sex marriages). This should be easy. People in Arkansas, North Dakota, Utah and Alabama are strongly against marriage between people of the same sex, saying it is un-natural to against the tradition of marrying your sister.

I know, weak.

Blimey, I’m a bit despondent about it all now. So I’m going to move on. Watching television over here at the moment is a nightmare. I mean, the shows are really great, but its the adverts that really piss me off. Every time there’s a commercial for some political thing. And they’re never ads of the “vote for me, because I’m great” kind, which I can sort of understand. No, most of them seem to be of the negative “Oooh, don’t vote for *that* guy, he’s nasty” variety. What’s the point of that? That’s basically saying “I’ll probably suck in the Senate, just not as much as him.” And people wonder why there’s such apathy surrounding politics. If it was up to me, I’d get rid of political parties, funding political parties, and the idea of a ‘career politician’…perhaps it could be your ‘duty’ to serve your community in some sort of politics, like jury service. That way you could get pimps being a congressman. I know, the humiliation, the greed, the whiff of criminality and the downright dishonesty might be a problem – but he could always go back to being a pimp afterwards!

(hah, feel better now, quite please with that.)

In any case, it’s time for me to go now.

I’m Chris Ballard and I approve this message.