so, I dont post for a little bit, and suddenly everybody is on my back! It’s because I’ve had nothing interesting to say. But, since even my little sister is emailing me telling me to post something, I figure that I probably should at least make an effort. So here it is.

Last weekend me and Jess went to Vermont. It’s not too far to go (apparently about 4 hours) and Jess hadn’t been back there for about 10 years, having gone to college up there. Off we went. We’d booked ourselves into a hotel in Stowe, for a very reasonable price, which was good, but when we got there the room really wasnt very nice. It was far too pink, my eyes started to hurt. So I went down to get them to change our room. Whilst I was there I spied their little computer telling them that apparently we were going to be paying a lot more than I thought for the stay…after much debating and..well, arguing, the receptionist girlie finally worked out that she had got it all wrong.We decided to pay a little bit extra for a better room, given that the ones they showed us were rubbish. In the end we got a rather nice suite with a jacuzzi and a view of the mountains….

…which was rather spectacular. Plus we had a really nice pizza; it was, oh let me think…erm, spinach and garlic and chicken, or something like that. It was far nicer than it sounds, anyway! It was really nice to get away for the weekend, and on the sunday we went to Burlington to have a look around (cool place). Whilst we were there we went on the ferry to upstate New York…we were going to go on a pleasure boat type thing but we didnt get down to the dock till about 4.30, by which time everything had gone. I’d never heard of Lake Champlain, but I’m here to tell you it is bloody big. And very pretty too, with mountains all around it. Here are two pictures that i took.

.i was rather proud of that last one; Jess saw the sailboat and said ‘quick, take a picture of that!’ and I rather cleverly used the zoom to maximum effect. (partially because it took me a few seconds to realise that i didnt have the camera turned on…shh) The ferry was just a roll-on/roll-off ferry, so when we got to the other side we just stayed on it and came straight back, but it was nice. I even have a picture of me, too, looking…..well, I’ll let you add an adjective there.

It was almost a shame to come back but I suppose the best thing about these things is that having been means you can tell people about it and show them pictures of yourself looking a fool.

Cheerio. Now get off my back. 😉