So, I’ve been in the U.S. for more than two weeks, and I’ve posted just once. Well, this’ll change that!

A little bit about where I am….I’m in Connecticut (the constitution state, apparently) in New England, and it’s very nice. Lots of trees, quite a few lakes to look at when driving. It’s purty 🙂 I think the British have a stereotype of american roads being those featureless things going through the desert, with a diner run by a woman called Sue-Anne every 400 miles or so. It’s wrong, I quite like driving about, which is handy because Jess really doesn’t. I think I’m getting the hang of driving on the right (that is: entirely wrong..) side of the road now, although the traffic lights are a bit annoying at times…they go from red to green..bam, no warning. Makes looking at all the nice trees less appealing when you actually have to concentrate.

Anyway. I wanted to post about the thing that’s struck me since I’ve been here (except for how great it is to eat out…wow…its not something the british really do very well.) What I’m referring to is all the U.S. flags that are flying about…they’re everywhere. I think it’s pretty great that everybody here takes pride in their nation. I think what I should do is open a flag shop, selling various sizes of ‘Old Glory’, perhaps with people’s names on for a bit of personalisation. Plus, later on, I could start an export business, because by the looks of it american flags sell *really* well in places like Iraq and Iran. Yes, they get burnt, but somebody must be selling them, and probably making a packet. “Buy 2 flags, and get this lighter free” – it could really take off.

Anyway, time to go. Cheerio