So…today it was my birthday. Woo! Happy birthday to me, and…er, stuff. A bit different this year because I moved to the US last week, which is admittedly a real change. Well, it was either there or Brixham. In any case, I never normally make a big thing about my birthday because…well, what’s so great about managing to not die for a year, right? But it’s been really special because Jess really pushed the boat out. On saturday evening, she told me we had to go to her work for some reason, but this just turned out to be a contrivance so that we could go to….the guitar shop! Wow! I’ve left my blue guitar at home, because I figured it’d be too difficult to bring it over with me on the plane. I mean, I intend to have it shipped over at some later date, but I’d have been lost without something to play with. (leave it) Anyway. Jess wanted to buy me a guitar for my birthday (clearly she’s not heard me play before; strings were included) and she wasnt sure which I’d like best, and felt that it was better if I chose it. In the end I chose a yamaha one, and its very sexy, or at least as sexy as a musical instrument can be. I mean, it’s not like it has breasts or anything like that, but it’s still great 😉

And this afternoon….also merits another “wow”. Jess had heard me mention monty python before, and she got us tickets to see the musical ‘Spamalot’ on Broadway. Very exciting for me, although possibly not quite so exciting for her. Nevertheless, I definitely saw signs of at least 2 smiles and maybe even a smirk, as well, so at least I know it wasn’t as terrible for her as she had no doubt feared. I, of course, thought it was brilliant, and as such will be saying things like “I’m not dead” for at least 6 months. Yeah, so, this has been almost certainly the best birthday ever. Although (and this is a warning of impending mushiness) it still would’ve been the best if it had just been me and Jess at home watching the tv.

Yes, I know. It’s very sickening, isn’t it?

In any case, it’s time for me to go, methinks. I have stuff to do. Like play on my guitar 😀