Who wants to buy some stuff!? I have lots of DVD’s for sale at very reasonable prices. I actually put a few of them on ebay but it takes bloody ages!

…i have the buffy boxset…i know of one person who’d love that.. 😉

So, yeah. I’ve been trying to sort out selling my stuff before I bugger off. (a fortnight, wow!) It’s amazing how much stuff I’ve actually accumulated in the nigh-on 4 years I’ve lived here. I don’t think I’m going to miss Devon too much. Yes, it’s been my home for a most of my life, and in some ways it’ll be a shame to go. But I’m going somewhere better for me, with more for me, so on that count I’m not sorry to go at all. I don’t feel nervous about leaving, at least not yet…partly that’s because I’m too busy to at this point. However, I feel certain that I’m going to have a moment when I go to myself “bloody hell, Ballard, what are you doing” but thats okay cos the romantic side of me will say “you’re going to be with the woman you’ll spend the rest of your life with”…so it’ll be fine.

Aaanyway. Time to go. Really tired at the moment. Bye!