when i was a kid I used to think that love was all somebody needed to have for a happy life. At that time, my parents were still together, and seemed to be (okay, i was a kid, so i may have been wrong) very much in love. We didnt have any money to speak of, but that didn’t matter because I thought they were happy. As it happens I was *slightly* mistaken, but I guess when you’re small you take a lot of these sorts of things as gospel.

Then I reached my teenaged years and my various failed attempts with girls at that time led me to become far more cynical, and with my many hormones at that age being somewhat frustrated, I came to think that love was (to quote a favourite sit-com of mine) “something invented by bank managers to make us overdrawn”. Of course, eventually I found out a little bit more about women and much to my surprise, they are people too, they’re not all playing some kind of Wicked Game with us. But, despite a fair-to-middling amount of success with the ladies (mostly due, it has to be said, to the lubricating qualities of university bars*) I never found what you might call true love.

More recently, I learned that external factors are sometimes more important that what you might feel for somebody. Occasionally the strength of your feelings is outweighed by your need for something else. Just ask Heather Mills-Mccartney. Allegedly.

Anyway. I’ve decided that I’m not going to settle for second best. In my wobblier moments, – eg at 3am when i realise I’m hurtling towards 30 and am not esconced in married (or otherwise) bliss with the lady of my dreams – I have sort of considered ‘settling’, because really, what are the chances of you finding that one person who could make your life…complete. (and more, find that they feel the same way?) Also, I do want to be a father, and to be able to enjoy that fatherhood, so I *probably* have, oooh, 10 years at the very outside to…er…get started, as it were. But bugger it, I don’t want to *just* like her, I want song lyrics to make sense, I want to have ridiculous in-jokes that nobody else gets, I want to talk for 12 hours in the day about…nothing. So – its decided; I’m going to do everything I can to make things happen because if i dont i’ll regret for the rest of my life.

*just realised how bad that sounds….ah well, live with it.

PS: I make absolutely no apologies for the general sappiness and hopeless romantic-ness of this post. If you don’t like it, cover your extremities in honey and stick them in a wasp’s nest 😉