I went to the casino last night, to play poker. I generally go about once a month, as work allows, and I really enjoy it. The first time I went I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like it, but I did, so obviously I’ve gone again. And, yes, I know, some people (yes, mother, *you*) will be worrying that I gamble fortunes and walk home without a shirt, but so far it’s worked out cheaper than an average night out in town. You see, what you do is, you pay £20 to play, and if you run out of chips you are allowed to pay another twenty quid for some more. After an hour and a half, this option is removed, and you have to play the rest of the night with what you have. Whenever I go, I take about £50 and say to myself that I’ll allow myself one buy-in, but if I lose that, I shall just go home. (which is fine, because I live about 5 minutes walk away.)

Anyway, last night I was doing really well for an hour or so; I’d got up to 12000 chips (you start with 2000) and I was just thinking to myself that I should try and play safe, unless I get a good hand. Well, bugger me, I got AA, which (if you don’t know Texas Hold ‘Em) is the best hand you can get. Long story short, I got done by a really jammy bastard, and my stack was down to 3000. Ah well. Such is life. I managed to battle my way up a bit more, and I finally departed at about midnight, at around about 25th place (of the 70 who started). I did get to stay, though, because a couple of the guys had gone with managed to get to the final table and won some money. So hooray.

Still. All that isn’t the real reason I started this entry. Another reason I like to go to the casino is because the staff there are hot. Hot, hot, hot. It’s a wonder anybody does any gambling with the lovely ladies strutting by in tight short skirts all the time. Grrr.


is it hot in here?

Mind you, the funniest thing was seeing a guy trying to give one of the girls his phone number. I’m pretty sure that all the female staff there get the come on from blokes every night, so they’re probably quite good at deflecting any unwanted attention….but this guy was like a dog at a bone. Really, though….it amazes me that blokes think they’re going to pull somebody that good-looking when they’re working. I imagine that a big part of their job is to smile and be nice to people. (no doubt it helps the tip jar, too) It’s probably the same with the girls who work in pubs and clubs – They’re also *always* very nice looking. It almost makes it worth it being your round.