Great news, brilliant, super-duper news!

After nearly a year, the remote control locking on my car has suddenly started working again! My life is complete, now I can go back to walking nonchalantly past and doing a James Bond impression to unlock. And, before you say it, having my remote back is *not* sad, for several reasons.

  1. Good for security – Less chance of me leaving the car unlocked
  2. Handy for scaring little kids. What you do is, you park the car right outside the shop, and hide inside. then, when a little git walks past you can unlock it, giggling all the while, as he/she jumps in the air trying to work out what made that clunking noise.
  3. The aforementioned James Bond impression. Every man wants to be James Bond. And, deep down, every man truly believes that he’d be a much better Bond than Moore/Dalton/Brosnan/Etc (delete as appropriate.) Clearly Connery is exempt from that list because he’s the best Bond, as any man (and most women…) will tell you.

Okay, so there were only 3 reasons. But still, it’s good. All I need to do now is finally get round to cleaning my car. That will be more likely now that I’ve started opening evenings (pah ) because I shall park the car outside (as in 2, above) and clean whilst I’m at work. Which’d be nice.