A new entry into my list of things that piss me off – People who phone me and don’t leave a message. If they want to speak to me, they should at least tell me what it was about, and if they don’t; Don’t bloody phone me in the first place!

I know that some of these calls are from call-centres or telesales places. I know this because when I do 1471 (like *69, for all you yanks) it tells me that “we do not have the caller’s number”. Sometimes, though, it says “The caller withheld their number” which could mean that the phone number is ex-directory. Either way, it’s bloody annoying. I generally quite like getting phone calls – I can pretend that I have a vast social circle, always trying to get hold of me.

Another thing that annoys me is when people answer their own phone by telling you the phone number. That just seems a bit stupid to me. Someone I know who does that all the time sent me a postcard last week. I wrote back to them, telling them where I lived.