Wasn’t going to write anything but have just noticed that I started both of the previous two entries with “Nothing interesting has happened” and I thought that was a bit sad. So here is a lovely entry which, in spite of the fact that nothing interesting has happened, doesn’t start with the line “nothing interesting has happened”.

It’s these little things that make my life so…interesting.

I think that most of the reason for my non-interesting existence just now is that I’m working the full summer hours, which as anybody who knows me will attest, is usually accompanied with much grumbling and colourful language from me. However, I’ve decided to make this summer the most stress-free yet, and as such I am endeavouring to not let working silly hours annoy me. My plan is to look forward to the time off that I have, in the hope (some might say ‘vain hope’) that all this work will make me appreciate my days off that little bit more.