I was in the supermarket earlier, buying lunch (and actually reading the nutritional info stuff, scarily) when I made a severe tactical error and walked past the DVD’s for sale. I saw one that had a rather bendy looking woman on as its cover, and naturally I picked it up to have, er, a closer look. Anyway, it transpires that it was written and directed by the same fella who did Buffy, which is handy, because I looked for something to fill the Buffy-shaped hole (leave it; I did.) I’ve had in my life since I finished watching that. Apparently its a continuation of a series that Joss Whedon did that got cancelled, called Firefly. That rang a very vague bell in the back of my head and thought “Sod it!” and bought it.

And it was really good. Weird, but in a good way. You can definitely tell that its Whedon’s work though, cos of the silly one-liners. And there were some actors I knew, too..the head guy was in Buffy (he played the scary vicar dude), and the bloke was was Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball, and a very good english actor who was in Love, Actually. I do know his name but I don’t want to mistype it.

Sadly this means that I shall probably have to purchase the DVD set of Firefly. Dammit. But in a good way.