So, anyway, I went to cardiff yesterday go to a gig (It’s a proven fact that your coolness increases by 13% when you use the word ‘gig’ to describe a music concert)

And it was fabbo (use of that word ensures that, despite the aforementioned 13% increase in coolness, this entry will ensure a diminution in my rating ) I think the organisers were caught on the hop somewhat because the headliners were Maximo Park, a geordie band who’ve been around for about, ooh, a year, and have had a fair bit of success. This would ordinarily be fine, except that one of the other bands, Arctic Monkeys have really stormed the charts in the last months or so (two #1 singles and an album that’s sold faster than any album in british chart history) As a result, people have been waiting till that band plays, and then been buggering off, leaving poor old Maximo to play to an emptying venue.

Anyway. The first band, Mystery Jets, were ok, I spose. Difficult to say because there were fewer people and therefore less of an atmosphere. The bassist was completely mental, though. Then We Are Scientists came on, and they really were good; a tight-knit three piece. I had a slight advantage here because I had actually heard a bit of their stuff. I enjoyed them. When the Arctic Monkeys came on the place went mental. (I must admit, I’m a bit put out that they’ve suddenly got so popular – when they were more underground I could be really smug and say “oh, yes, those lads are going to be huge.” The bastards. They’ve got big before I was ready.) They actually were really great. One of the lads I went with complained a bit afterwards that they were too like their cds, but to me that’s a good thing – it shows a high level of proficiency. I hate going to gigs where the singer can’t quite find the tune, or the bassist is out. Eventually, of course, Maximo Park came on, and you could tell they were supposed to be ‘headlining’ because they had their own stage props…lights hanging off the back wall, etc. Ooh, and a drumkit with their name on!

All in all, then, a great night. More, more more!