I bought a microphone for myself a while back. I broke it. I keep meaning to buy another one, because (and yes, I know how pretentious this will sound.) I want to record myself playing on my guitar and *gasp* maybe even singing as well. I reckon it’d be kind of cool if I could do that. I’m not saying I’m any good (cos i’m not…average, possibly), I just think it’d be funky to hear myself do music. I’ve tried it on my mobile phone and it didnt sound very good, although in my defence that’s because the speaker on mobile telephones are rubbish.

Look, that’s the truth, okay?

When I mentioned this to my mother, she expressed some surprise. Apparently it’s a bit of a revelation that I’m interested in music, because when I was a kid I never showed any sign of any sort of creativity. I remember my mum actually saying once that she thought I had some autistic tendencies, which shows quite clearly how little she knows me – I can’t draw to save my life.(hahaa. I’ve been saving that up for weeks. sad, isnt it?)

Whilst I was thinking about my recording stuff, I was along the road being all pseudo-pretentious, and I was talking to myself, saying “I should give up work to concentrate on my music”, and suddenly I realised that I am Ross out of Friends. I previously thought that I was Chandler, because I too, make stupid jokes at stupid times, but on further thought, ( the time flies at work) I decided I had to be Ross. Think about it – fancied his sisters best mate for years, married to a lesbian….how many more things do i need to show to you?

Okay, so that last bit was a lie, but I did lose my virginity to a girl who claimed she was a lesbian (er, before, not *after* 😉 ) and when we were in the nightclub dancing a large woman in dungarees (honestly, I’m not making this up) came over and said to her “I thought you were a lesbian!” and this girl said “Nah, it was just a phase”

Just a phase. Brilliant.

Hello mum 🙂