The gym regime starts again in earnest tomorrow. After weeks of my usual prevaricating, the personal trainer blokey phoned me up and said that he was back. (which shows how often I’ve been of late because I didn’t even know he’d gone!) I have actually already paid for a session so I shall use that tomorrow and then probably book some more. I really do need pushing, because, let’s face it, going to gym isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of fun (not mine!). The problem is that I come in from work and think “ooh, its comfortable here, I think I’ll stay a while.” What I should really do is take my stuff to work with me and then go straight to the gym after work. But that’d mean, you know, actual forward planning, which really isn’t my strong suit. It’s for the best, though. I could almost definitely do with losing a few pounds around the stomach area and I’m probably at that age where, if I don’t do something about it now, will struggle with it forever.

And dammit, I want to be sexy. I’ve read about it books and everything. Women want to be with you, and men want to be you. (although in these enlightened times there’s probably men who would want to be with you too, but that would spoil the rhythm of the phrase, so we’ll leave that out. Plus that’s not something I’d be looking forward to.)

Quite how long this’ll last is anybody guess. I’m thinking at least until friday. After that, who can tell?