Tried to do a bit of christmas shopping for people the other day. It all went a bit wrong because I ended up buying a shedload of stuff for me. It was in that particular moment that I realised what a selfish bastard I really am 🙂

But, dammit, I look fine! Got some groovy new threads. (although I realise that using the word ‘groovy’ means that I’m no longer cool.) I was going to add a bit more but I really can’t be bothered. My flat is in a bit of state, partly due to my new influx of clothes, but mostly cos I’ve been building a new computer.

I’m not really bothered about christmas…I actually quite like pootling around my flat playing on my guitar and watching the cool telly. I think my mum is rather offended that I’ll not be going round to hers for dinner, but I hope she realises that its not because I don’t have any time for her or anything like that…I don’t need a holiday for her to realise how much I care – I’m a great son all year round! *

So, anyway. Hope you have a good time. Don’t drink too much because you’ll get a hangover and I shall laugh like this —-> Fnar, fnar, fnar!

*honestly, I am. Just ask her. I forget how old she is and *everything*