I’m slightly worried that my mum thinks she knows what my dream was about. She’ll probably tell me it’s about, ooh, I dunno….’feelings’ or something. Bleh. I think it’s cos I just want a penguin. Obviously.

In other news; I’ve made the decision that, whilst on holiday, I made the campest pose ever to be recorded on camera. Seriously. Think I must have a leetle beet droonk cos I’m just stood there in my boxers, posing. Looking about as camp as a Dale Winton lookalike contest. This isn’t really very interesting, because there’s almost zero chance of me showing you my pasty white body in all (well, most 😉 ) of its *ahem* glory.

Um. Hmm.

And all too quickly, it’s over.

So no change, there, then 😉

edit: changed ‘campest post’ to ‘campest pose’. makes more sense that way.