Got a new game for my computer. woo! but it didn’t work. I decided that it was faulty so I got onto amazon and printed out a returns thing. But then I took it round my mum’s and it worked fine, which rather confused me. Anyway, I got back here and after about half and hour it dawned on my that the game was on DVD-ROM, and i don’t have a dvd drive on my computer. So I felt rather stupid.

What else has been happening….hmm. Not really a great deal. Oh, I had a bit of an argument with Lucie at work because she’s gone back to the old boyfriend of hers. You know, the complete tosser. Really, ladies, why do you all go out with such wankers? Answers on a postcard please. Seriously; ask me and I’ll give you my address and if you send me a postcard with a semi-reasonable, er, reason, I’ll give you a prize. I dunno, a signed photo, or maybe something worth more, like a box of devon fudge. (Devon fudge is really nice.)