A clever ruse by Ballo ensured that everybody got there in time for this game. His inspired idea of telling everyone that the game started at 7 instead of 8 meant that we were able to have a pre-match drink in the bar. Brilliant planning, Ballo. Without ‘keeper Andy Kingdon, (probably having his Ronaldo hairdo redone at the “Highlights for great big girls” barber shop) the Perceys were forced to start with the Pornmeister in goal, forcing him to stay in the box for half an hour at least.

You can make your own jokes there, I’m not going to do *everything* for you….

With Danny Murray starting on the sidelines, as is the norm these days, the Percey’s lined up against the Olympians feeling pretty confident. The first ten minutes were pretty much all Perceys, and a few chances fell to Scales, but he found the Olympians goalkeeper in good form, sadly. The Perceys were playing quite well at this stage, with the whole team defending well. One shot by Ballo should really have been on target, after great work by Marek left the ball available for a good shot. Typically, though, the shot screwed wide.

Shortly after this, though, the Olympians went in front after good work from their left-sided attacker (who was actually pretty good) meant he could get a shot away…it was a lovely shot that completely deceived the otherwise impressive Cocksy in goal, and it went in. It wasn’t long before the Perceys retaliated, though, Liam Scales the scorer after he caught the keeper flat-footed by using his left foot! 1-1 at the break, then, and time for a change of ‘keeper. Sadly, though, we couldn’t find one, so Ballo (who rather unwisely had muttered “I spose I *could* do it, if asked” within earshot of another Percey) stepped in.

Fortunately, Ballo got an early glove-warmer after an Olympian shot whistled towards him at pace, but he was able to catch it with real aplomb, like a proper goalkeeper and *everything*. This was the stage of the game in which the Olympians played their best football. They went in front after the guy on the left did his stuff and beat Ballo on the near post, thus denying Ballo his first clean sheet for…ooh, ages.. 😉 This also had the unfortunate side effect of really hurting my thumb, thus significantly curtailing my other hobby, hitchhiking. (reading this report through again, I’m acutely aware that I keep slipping out of the third person, but what the hell.) Ballo’s lack of glasses was starting to annoy him now….The Perceys came back though, with some good interplay between a couple blurry guys that saw another blurry guy shoot just over, or maybe wide. It might have been saved, too, though.

With about 10 minutes left to play, the Olympians scored their third goal when the Percey pressure left a striker unmarked, and he ran from the half-way line with the ball to score past Ballo. (who did get a touch on it) Perhaps not surprisingly, the Perceys spirit was able to see the boys in white play some excellent stuff, with Terry being typically skillful. Some of the Olympian defending looked like it was pretty good, with quite a few indistinct red-and-white blocks being made, most notably from ( I think) Cole and Down. Down had earlier squandered a good chance to score when he ballooned the ball over from about, ooh, 8 yards.

The Perceys did manage to claw a goal back with about 2 minutes to go after a scintillating shot from Cocksy made it 3-2. But, despite the remaining time being spent entirely in the Olympian half, the good guys (er, that’s us) were unable to capitalise on their presure. Overall this was a very good performance by us tonight, but sadly we were unable to turn our consistent pressure into goals. It’s possible that with a ‘proper’ keeper we’d have done better, especially since it’s so difficult to distribute the ball effectively at times.

Team: Cocks; Badcott; Head; Down; Ballard; Cole; Scales: Started as sub; Murray