The Perceys’ recent good run came to end in this close match. Perceys started with an almost-unprecedented 10 players, including the Pieman himself, Mark Faulkner, who had decided to grace Clennon Valley with his presence after a gap of about 2 months. Probably went to America to flog his “Lose Weight the Twiggy Way” video to the Big-mac munching yanks.

Strangely, the south devon league fancy boys that make up Sport4Choice were unable to get more than 7 people for the match, so the Perceys kindly donated one of their squad to run the line for them. Another team who play in yellow, (another one!) the opposition were one of those teams who have saturday football ‘stars’ playing for them, as well as ex-Torquay Utd trainees…although, this isn’t saying much at the moment cos I reckon if I told United that I had a pair of boots and a spare fortnight, I’d get a trial too. Looking at the league table, Sports had played 7, lost 1. (but due to the uneven number of games played so far, were not at the top of league). Looked like a tough game.

Starting with Terry, Twiggy, and Liam on the side, the Perceys started the stronger. An early goal via Whisky Down (another Teacher’s special*) gave the Perceys the lead, and mistakes in the Sports defence offered chances to other players too. However, the goalie, who was actually bloody good, turned these away. The git. As the half warmed up properly, Sports did come into the game more and more, but generally the Perceys defended pretty well, which has been a hallmark of their games recently. The same could not be said of high-flying Sports, who defended like a bunch of plonkers in general, with the exception of their ‘keeper, who as I’ve already said, was brilliant. Probably stopped us scoring at least 5 more.

Sport4Choice equalised after about 20 minutes when their striker, some bloke who looks like Torquay’s Lee Canoville, somehow managed to nutmeg Ballo, and finish pretty well. It was quite an eventful night all round for Ballo, actually….he had one shot after a corner that landed on the moon, and a one-on-one with the keeper that the little sod somehow managed to save well. All this, and his shorts lost their elastic, probably giving the returning J.D.A.S. (plus one extra!) a sight that they really didnt want to see.

Sadly, the yellow ones went 2-1 in front when one of their players shot from some way out, managed to catch it very well, and it rocketed past Kingdon into the net. 1-2 down at the break, then. After half-time, Perceys started in the same fashion as they started the first half, and more chances were forthcoming, notably for Scales and the Pornmeister…sadly both were saved by the goalkeeper, who was still a little git. Finally, though, his defences were breached once more as Scales bambi’d his way through and scored the equaliser.

It’s perhaps about now that I should point out how our subs were working well, and everybody knew where they were going, and it all had great organisation. But I won’t, cos it’s blatantly not true. Perhaps having 10 players for the first time since, well, ever, contributed to the two goals that Sport4Choice scored in quick succession. Their 3rd goal was possibly a bit fortunate…after a shot well blocked by Head, a scuffed shot completely deceived goalkeeper Kingdon (who I think is officially a Percey now. Unlucky.). The fourth came not long after, but I really don’t remember what happened. Some guy kicked it, it went in.

Typically, Perceys started to play much better after going 4-2 down. Terry Murray, who had been doing his spinning top impression all evening, really started to turn on the style, and tried to play the killer pass…perhaps he should shoot more often. The Sports defence was always going to give us a few chances, but that bloody goalkeeper of theirs seemed determined to get himself mentioned in the match report yet again. (<—see?) This was probably the stage of the game in which Perceys played some of their best football, yet the reward was only the one goal, Scales striking again with with about 2 minutes to play.

For some unknown reason Sports thought it was they who were losing 4-3..(which at least shows us that, while they might be better footballers, at least we have the intelligence.) This, then, was the reason for their 1-1-4 formation in the dying minutes. There were a few chances for the Perceys on the breakaway, but, again, this went astray, and Referee blew for full time.

So, another solid performance tonight. I actually thought we played really well, but it seems that I was the only member of the team who thought so. Most teams would have been beaten by us this evening, so our aim of mid-table mediocrity seems a sensible one. We don’t want a promotion, after all!

Much thanks to Clare, Vikki, and…the other girl (sorry, didn’t get your name) who spent most of the game finding our balls (steady on, Cocksy) rather than being able to watch the game. This was probably some sort of scouting mission for them, given that we play them in a fortnight. Fancy your chances, ladies? 🙂

Team; Kingdon; Head; Badcott; Ballard; Cocks; Cole; Down: Started as linesman….Murray, Scales, Faulkner

*did anyone spot this whisky gag? I’ve still got loads left.