This was one of those games where you come off the pitch and really can’t work out how you haven’t won. Without Terry or the influential James Down (problems at school, which put Whisky on ice, haha) the Perceys started with a dead seven for the first time in, ooh, ages. Fortunately, AWOS were sporting enough to supply a lino for us, which was nice. Some teams have said no in the past.

The first task of the evening was to sort out jewellery..Referee Powley decided that jewellery, even wedding rings, had to be taped up. I can sort of see the logic behind this, but it seems daft when no other bugger cares. He even said that Ballo wouldn’t be able to wear his glasses, but that didn’t matter because 1. He’d already taken them off, and 2. couldn’t see who was talking to him anyway.

The match itself, then. Well, at this late an hour (fast approaching 2am) details are naturally sketchy, but I shall try. In general, the Perceys were bloody brilliant, all the way through the team. Some of the finishing could have been better (more on that later) but the whole team defended so well that the opposition were limited to only two shots, one of which went in.

The ball was passed around well early on, although to be fair, AWOS weren’t the best side we’ve ever played..everybody seemed to have so much time on the ball. The Percey goal arrived after about 5 or 6 minutes. From the back, Ballo passed to Head, Head to Badders, Badders delivered a delicious ball into the danger area, and Andy Cocks (shouting for Marek to “Leave it! Leave it!” like some sort of demented madman) shot just outside the box to score in style.

The rest of the half was just more Percey pressure, with excellent build-up play, and (really, I’m not exaggerating here) loads of chances. The AWOS keeper, an outfield player who had been volunteered to go in, played a blinder, as shot after shot rained down on him. 1-0 at half-time. More Percey pressure was applied early on in the second half, and most of the Perceys were guilty of missing chances; Badders had several (well, 3) searing drives turned away by the keeper, Scales had an evening to forget in front of goal (still played well, though) and even Ballo got in on the act, with his usual seagull-scaring shots that seem to defy all known laws of gravity. At this stage, the AWOS striker (a right little oik) was a lonely figure, especially with Big Al dealing with the long ball so effectively. The Perceys did manage to get the ball in the net at one point, but the ref disallowed it, I think because of a foot inside the D.

Then….typical, a goal conceded. Ballo went in hard on the half way line (I thought I’d won the ball, actually) but after a brief pause, during which the ball seems stuck between the two opposing players, it broke for a red-shirted dude. He laid it on for the aforementioned little git, who in fairness created space well and hit a great shot past the excellent Kingdon. (who has been a real find in goal. Distribution – marvellous. Hair colouring – slightly dubious.)

But the Perceys were not disconcerted, oh, no, indeed not. More chances were created, all spurned or saved. Honestly, I know I’m bound to be *slightly* biased here, but it seemed that we should have scored about 20 tonight. Cocks had a shot rebound off the post, albeit because he’d scuffed it. Then, in the last minute – Disaster. Scales was quite clearly tackled very late in the Percey half, in fact the AWOS player apologised, but by then Liam had said a naughty word (rhymed with clucking bell) and referee Powley, who was pretty ropey anyway, deemed it a penalty. Even though he’d missed the expletive hurled at him by that little sod up front. It looked as though the Perceys were going to be robbed, like a man who’s taken a cheap hooker home to find that in the morning she’s pissed off with his car keys, wallet, phone, *and* the 74 pesetas that he’d rather unwisely kept after a holiday in the Costa Brava 7 years ago. (christ knows where that analogy came from). Happily, though, the numpty up front hit the left hand post, although to be fair Andy was so confident that he’d missed, he’d chosen to dive right. So that was okay then. Actually, most of the AWOS boys were okay blokes, just that one gimp let them down slightly. Oh well.

If this was a boxing match, it would have been stopped after 20 minutes. I’m trying to find fault, and the only thing I can say is that our finishing was best described as ‘iffy’. Still, play like this every week and we’ll win loads of games. Well Done Perceys!!

Note-good turnout for the Perceys night out..all 7 who played tonight made it. A good night had by all, I believe.

 Team; Kingdon; Badcott; Head; Ballard; Cocks; Cole; Scales