Well, it’s getting a bit boring writing reports when we win. I mean, I can’t take the piss out of anybody when everybody plays well. This victory stretched Percey’s unbeaten run to 4 games, a period in which they’ve been great. At this rate, we’ll be in danger of getting promoted. Eeep.

The Perceys lined up with JD welcomed back into the fold after being in nottingham last week, (I told him, turn left at the roundabout, but did he listen?) but lacking Terry Murray, who was probably looking for his uncle in the pubs of the bay. Referee for the evening was Keith “Hey, look at me, I have the whistle!” Hawkins, who it has to be said, wasn’t crap tonight, which on the scale of usual things is about as likely as something not very likely happening.

The early exchanges were quite even, with the beanpole PZR striker seeking to turn the defence and lay on passes for runners from deep. However, the starting defence of Head, Badders, and Ballo (who seem to have become quite a formidable unit of late) were able to deal with any threats quite easily. Kingdon in the Perceys was having his now-usual good, commanding game at the back until a rushed roll-out resulted in the ball being returned with interest….1-0 to PZR. Who still wear yellow, the great big girls.

Still, the Perceys were (even at this early stage) playing with a certain confidence, testament to their good results just recently. Ballo gave PZR a warning of what was to come when his incisive pass with his left foot gave Scales something to run onto…on that occasion, the defender covered well, but not long after Scales latched onto another Ballo pass and sprinted through the satic PZR backline to finish in style.

The first half was played out in a similar vein, with the Percey midfield of Cocks and Cole flummoxing the opposition with their ball retention, and PZR attacking but never really looking that threatening against the ever-impressive Head and co. 1-1 at the turnaround, then. Incidentally, this is probably a big part of why the Percey’s have been able to put together such encouraging results of late; in the past we’ve already been too far behind by the time the break comes.

PZR started the second half strongly, and good running from the back for them meant that the Perceys were put under some early pressure, which gave Kingdon the opportunity to make a couple of smart saves. It was at this stage that I remember Ballo making an almost suicidal pass across the face of his own goal, which (fortunately!) Whisky was able to deal with before a shot was made. Before too long, though, it was Perceys who were pressing, with Cocks and Scales both have shots saved well by the PZR goalie, who was actually bloody good. Even Ballo got in on the act (possibly feeling more confident about his shooting after scoring last week) and he was able to twist round one man before launching a good shot that went just wide. Rather than threatening the orbit of passing satellites, which is what normally happens.

The second goal for the good guys wasn’t far away now, though. Some excellent work whilst in a tight spot by Badders (who, it has to be said, play like Roberto Carlos tonight. Except right-footed and able to defend) saw him sell the PZR attacker a complete dummy, and his pass forward Scales resulted in a free-kick just out side the area. I think it was for a foul, which was handy, since the shot had got saved. From the free-kick, Cocks laid the ball back for Down, who curled the ball with power around the onrushing defenders and gave the keeper no chance. Whilst I’m talking about JD, I think ‘Whisky’ is a bloody good nickname for him…I had loads of really clever gags lined up, so I’m bloody well going to use the nickname just so’s I can crowbar them in…Any attempts to scotch my plans will be met with disapproval. (hehe, scotch. I crack myself up.)

A few more Percey attempts followed, notably by Cole, who was a bit unfortunate not to get on the scoresheet tonight, and Head,(seeking his first goal of the season) whose shot went a touch high after a storming run from the back. A corner was earned not long after, though, and from this Scales was able to pick out Cocks sneaking round the back un-noticed to catch the rearguard by surprise before scoring past the floored goalie.

By now, the PZR strikers were starting to get a bit annoyed at their lack of service, so they took it upon themselves to create chances. In the last 10 minutes or so the Perceys were put under a fair bit of pressure, but nothing came of it due to good defending and the occasional save from Andy.

Another good night all round for the Perceys, then, despite the absence of the J.D.A.S. I would imagine that the poor ladies have been scared away by rumours linking one of them to Ballo, which I imagine is enough to scare anybody!

Team; Kingdon; Head; Badcott; Ballard; Cocks; Down; Scales: Started as Sub; Cole