Percey’s ever-present availability issues persisted again, with Head (holiday) Eaton (work) Faulkner (work) and Murray (?) all unable to make it. Ballo was struggling at one stage, but fortunately the silver-tongued bookie managed to sweet-talk his foxy assistant manager into doing the last couple of hours.

Something like that, anyway.

With no goalkeeper, again, it was decided that James Down could continue his recent ‘jack-of-all-trades’ trend and take the first half between the sticks. The aim today was to try to defend stoutly for as long as possible, as the adventurous Percey team of recent weeks had been hammered on the break all too often. And, for 10 minutes or so, it proved very effective, with the makeshift back line of Badcott, Cocks, and Ballard able to deal with everything. With the returning Scales (not looking very tanned, it has to be said) playing up front, there was always a chance that the heroes could nick on the break.

However, with about 15 minutes gone, a runner from deep was given time to shoot, and the ball flew past the beleaguered Down after a slight deflection. This triggered a typical Percey response. Not long after, Scales was about to latch onto a long ball from, erm, well, *someone*, anyway…and score. And, about 5 minutes from the half-time whistle, a fine move, involving all 7 of the Percey team, enable Scales to score his and Percey’s second, and the score remained 2-1 at half time.

Although the pre-game plan had been for Cocks to replace Down in goal at half time, things were going so well that we decided to leave him be for a bit. And that’s when it all started to go a bit pear-shaped. Stogey equalised, via what was a well-taken goal, and not long after, they went in front.

At this stage, Andy Cocks, (always the first to encourage his team-mates) suggested to Badcott that perhaps the defending on the right hadn’t been the best. Steve, (who played as well anyone, I thought) reacted to what he saw as unfair barracking and an ugly dispute between the two longest-standing members of the team ensued.

And now, a quick message from our sponsors;

Badders and Cocksy Handbag Co. Note: In the original report this was followed with a hilarious MS Paint image I’d made describing the altercation between Messrs. Badcott and Cocks, but it got lost with the website.

This continued for a while even after Cocks had gone in goal. Perceys, their spirit somewhat diminished, battled on well, but alas, Stogey score two more goals on the counter. All the Perceys had to show for it was a shot form Scales that rebounded off the post. 5-2 to Stogey Rovers, then, even though Percey Mackrill as well as they have done thus far.

The debate continued into the changing rooms, which must have been a bit unnerving for any little kiddies outside. What’s more, these shenanigans overshadowed a game which was Ballo’s 50th for the Perceys.


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