The Perceys were absolutely hammered in a game from which it is difficult to draw any positives.

Claron, who Perceys beat 4-3 in the Summer League, were superior from start to finish, and, apart from a 5 minute spell in which they scored and should have got another, Perceys were completely outplayed by a team of blokes who play in the saturday leagues.

If you were to look for any sort of silver lining in this cloud the size of Yorkshire, it would be that James Down continued his scoring run with a good goal about half-way through the first half.

However, Perceys problems stemmed from our inability to defend…at all. Lacking Head (on holiday in Mexico. Gimp) at the back, Perceys started with a back three of Cole, Badcott and Ballo. Now, as much as effort as these guys put in, they’re never going to be able to do much against a nippy forward line like Claron’s, and since Ballo has the pace of a stoned snail, the omens were not great.

That said, the whole team could have done better. The workrate tonight was not really there, and coming off the pitch most of the team knew that they had, been, well, crap. The last ten minutes or so were just interminable, and the whole team probably wanted a big whole in the ground to appear and swallow us up. (although, they way things were today, we’d probably only have missed it, anyway)

And, to make things even worse, the opposition had a few players, who, to put it mildy, were tossers. (and I can say that cos this is our website. So hah.)

Oh well, there’s always next time.

Team; Eaton; Ballard; Cole; Badcott; Cocks; Down; Murray: