Perceys completed their first double of the season and their fourth win on the trot with this fairly easy victory over a poor Badgers team.

In truth, Perceys should have doubled their score – Percey ‘keeper, Mark Eaton was a virtual spectator in goal – as they spent most of the game camped in the Badgers half.

However, Perceys, after a sustained bit of pressure, were dealt a hammer blow, when Badgers broke with their first attack of the game and their nippy little number 2 hit a mighty effort past returning Perceys ‘keeper, Eaton. Perceys were at full strength – apart from the missing Twiggy Faulkner, who was in London to appear on Trisha to explain his diet success and further his career in soft porn – and with such numbers never really felt that they would lose even though they were a goal down. A good move almost immediately restored equality when Cocks – back from a sabbitical in goal with his frustrated tackle – slipped when smoothly in past the prostrate ‘keeper.

But despite such obvious dominance, Perceys still pressed the self-destruct button when nobody picked up a free-kick and the Badgers central defender rifled a decent effort into the net. Again though, Perceys fought back. A scramble in around the goal area resulted in a desperate lunge by a Badgers defender and referee, Colin Burman, pointed to the spot and Cocks stepped up to send the keeper the wrong way. Two holes in one night for the Cocks.

Percey then stepped things up and then The Scientist did it again. Receiving the ball in a crowded area, a quick rummy in some form of calcius told Ballo to bend the ball with a certain degree of velocity and what resulted was a stunning curl in to the top left corner. Ballo was even able to use his numeraic skills – honed each day in nthe bookies – to calculate the likelihood of a deflection and a slight one aided the balls journey.

After the break it was all Perceys. With Murray and Scales looking to unsettle Badgers each time they got the ball, Perceys looked dangerous – Kamaroons need to beware – and Scales regularly stormed forward towards goal and usually missed…but eventually his endeavour counted and he was at hand to receive the ball and slip the ball past the Badgers keeper.

As the game headed towards its climax, another great move saw the ball played to Scales who hit wide to Badcott to shoot. The ball was played slightly to wide and instead of shooting, Badcott knocked the ball across from an awkward angle to James Down who finished calmly to make it 5-2.

A great performance from Perceys. Really on song for the big derby game on Friday against Kamaroons.

Team: Eaton; Badcott, Head, Ja. Down; Ballard, Cocks; Scales; Started as Subs: Murray, Cole;