What to write? what to write! Briefly speaking, I’ve been working hard. I know, it’s pretty hard to believe, but strangely it’s actually true. Must admit, I had been getting pretty pissed off with the whole thing, cos I felt i was working too hard, I mean, more than 10 hours a week is just silly. Happily, things are slightly different now. Not different in that I’m still doing about 70 hours a week, but different in that I feel that I’m getting somewhere with people ‘above’ me, and that they appreciate me…which is a nice change. Working for a large company can sometimes be a bit like trying to go up a ‘down’ escalator…you just don’t feel that you’re all reading from the same hymnsheet. But I do today. Okay?

Glad I didnt clear that up.

So, um. Ah.

You come here often?

Bet you’re all dying to know what’s happening in my love life, eh. No, probably not. But not much is happening, in any case. There was one lady who I thought was (maybe) willing help out womankind and take me off the market (at least for a bit) but that seems to have cooled down…we still see each other, but neither of us seems especially aware of we expect to happen. And obviously, both of us work a lot, so it’s not that often our paths do cross in any case..I think I’ve resigned myself to accepting that nothing is going to happen there. Oh well. Bit of a shame, really, but never mind.


life goes on, as they say. night!