Okay, here’s a question for the lovely ladies that read this…both of them 😉 Do you think that chivalry is dead?

Because I got moaned at the other day by some silly woman for opening the door for her. I was just leaving a shop, she was coming in, so I stood aside and held the door open for her. And she looked at me funny and said “Oh, I don’t need anyone to hold the door, I’m quite capable myself!”

Silly tart.

And I left feeling quite pissed off about it. I was always brought up to be polite to people, and all that sort of thing. I remember my dad was always one to open doors for people, (not just women) and help little old ladies across the road. I remember thinking at the time that he was just a daft old git…..but it’s funny.

On the dates I’ve been on (there have been a couple, you know) i’ve always got the impression that opening the door for a woman is a good thing. But…it seem that with all this sexual equality that’s going on (another thing that pisses me off, dont get me started. I mean, why do people only want equality when it suits them?) women seem to think that it diminishes them if they allow a bloke to open the damn door.

Not quite sure what I’m trying to say now..best solution is to have everywhere with those self-opening doors, then I wouldnt have a problem. or rather, i’d have one less problem 🙂