So what’s been happening with me? Well, nothing really. I’ve been playing a fair bit of football. Of course, ‘playing’ is actually a synonym for ‘running around like a lunatic, while all the time creating the impression that you have absolutely no skill’

I have a talent for it

I played two games. One on friday, that we won, which is nice. and one on sunday, which we, well, didn’t. I’ve realised now that I’m actually not as fit as I’d like to be. Having played on friday, I then went out until fairly late, but not too late. Then on saturday it was Grand National, which means that I have to work my bollocks off.

(cos I’m da man)

And then I took the not-very-well-informed decision on going out again on saturday evening for a few drinkies. And that sort of turned into more than a few. I hope I don’t have to draw you a picture.

Of course, I’d sort of “forgotten” that I had to work sunday. So by the time I got to football in the evening, I was completely and utterly shagged out. So to speak. Furthermore, we had only 6 players, which means that we needed to work even harder to not concede any goals. Think of trying to walk up an escalator that’s going down. With both legs tied behind your back….it’s not easy. It was like that. We actually played really well until half-time (it was 3-3) Sadly, fatigue set in, and we stumbled to a 4-7 defeat. And my legs felt like there were on fire. No, really. They really did hurt. Haven’t got another game till thursday now. But I want to play now!
They even took a team photo. With me in it, not looking especially glamourous. I was going to sort of tell you that bit, and then pretend to be all shy and shit about you lot seeing it. But I actually don’t care that much what people think of me. Well, okay, maybe a little bit.. anyway.

the name of the team comes from the first person to manage Torquay United after they got elected to the league. Not actually that interesting, but I can tell you really wanted to know.