I think I’m going to have to start carrying a small notebook around with me, because it’s amazing, all the funny things I think up when I’m just….doing my thing. No, they, really are funny, honest.. And I think “Ooh, that’d be a good thing to write about” but by the time I’ve managed to fit time into my non-stop, hi-speed, 24 hour rock and roll lifestyle to sit in front of a computer, I’ve forgotten about it. Either that or I’ve fallen asleep.

Anyway, that’s it from me this evening. Chances are that I shall be writing more infrequently for a while, because real life (eep!) demands that I work my bollocks off for a while 😉 So send me messages, people, I do so love to read them

Incidentally, does anybody know what this “Submit and Email” button does? *shrug* I’m going to press it and see what happens..

Addendum – the submit & email does sod all. probably for the best, cos everybody know the the “&” is a sign of the devil, its all a sneaky to get us to abbreviate our souls, or something.

Also, I’ve just remembered what it was i going to say, but I’m off now. but rest assured, it’s written down, so i cant possibly forget