So it was Mother’s Day yesterday, apparently. Although I looked on my calendar it actually describes the day as “Mothering Sunday” so i thought I’d take it to heart. So what I did was, I went into town, and I told random people mothery things!

“ooh, you’re looking a bit peaky, are you eating properly?”

“She’s no good for you, look, she’s hardly wearing that skirt”

It’s funny really, but I sort of object to Mother’s Day, on principle..because i think its a bit crap to decide that you love your mum on one day of the year…That’s why i deliberately didnt get my mum a card. I like to think that she know how much love and respect I have for her, and all year round, too.

(To be fair, I know for a fact that she reads this occasionally…so its possible i might score some brownie points here )

The point I’m trying to make applies to all of these “events”…fathers day, valentines day, etc. If you feel a certain way for somebody, why the hell should you need a Clinton moment to let them know. Tell them. I know it can be hard, but just think…someday in the not too distant future, its possible that you might not be able to tell somebody how you feel. And even though you’d always assumed that they knew, it’d be eating away at the back of your mind that you never did say anything, that the last thing you said was, (maybe) not very nice, and perhaps the last, abiding memory that person would have of you would be completely inaccurate.

It’s something to think about, no?