I lost my phone about 4 weeks ago…(my mobile phone, that is, not my home one. that would be really stupid.) You’d be amazed how many people have asked me, when informed of this this fact, the following question;

“oh, where did you lose it??”

Silly bastards…if I knew that, it wouldn’t be lost, would it? Anyway. I purchased a nice new phone. Its one of the ones that I call (hope you don’t mind me being technical) “One of the cool little flippy ones” Using my own personal logic, of course, its significantly smaller than my last one…the one that i lost. One big bonus is that my machismo is restored; Its nice to have a phone that is smaller than my [hand]

Of course, no bugger has tried phoning me yet..but that would just be too much to ask, wouldn’t it. I give it 3 months before i lose this one.