Right…I have my little stage of feeling all sorry for myself, now I’ll go back to being the charming, charismatic, good-looking ladykiller that I’ve always wanted to be but have never quite managed to pull off.

Talking of which..

I realise that recently has probably not been the most appropriate to time to be ‘on the pull’, but I’ve been really amazed this last week or so. Women have suddenly started asking me out. Admittedly, its probably because of the whole sympathy thing, but its been enjoyable nonetheless. At a time when I should be at home moping, I’ve had a really good time….going out a lot more, drinking more, and actually having women keen to be around me. It’s just possible that my lady-radar has started working.. Thats isnt a euphemism, its just that I’ve always been a bit of a Detritus when it comes to picking up the little signals that tell you that people dont think you’re ugly. It surprises me how many people have told me “Oooh, my friend X always liked you, but you never seemed to notice…she’s married now, by the way.” which really only serves to piss me right off.

Why couldn’t they tell me this then?!

Anyway, where was I…oh yes. I’d left Sensetown and was on the way to Wibblesville. So anyway, I said I’d meet with this girl on thursday night, have a couple of drinks. I really wasnt that interested in going on the piss, cos I said i’d go back to work the next day. Right…so ‘a couple’ turned into ‘a few’, and before I knew it I had a drunk 18-year old on my hands.
I know, its just devastating

I got convinced to go to a (and I quote) “place that stays open till quite late with a select clientele.” Right. Sounds bad, right away, doesn’t it. Think my lady radar must have switched off my bullshit detector because I said “ooh, thats a good idea”

It was a gay club. Didnt you realise that yet? I didnt I until I went in and saw a man wearing (i swear) a tight white t-shirt with “relax” printed on it. I always liked to think that I was fairly liberated, but I must admit, I didnt feel 100% comfortable. To cut a not-very-long-story short, I stayed until the place shut, and escorted the young lady to a taxi, being the chivalrous bloke that I am.

No, i refuse to elaborate what happened with the aforementioned 18-year old, I am the epitome of discretion. Plus, I know for a fact, that my mum reads this occasionally. But we are going out again next week.

That’s all for now, people. And remember…life goes on.