It’s been a really weird week. I’ve been getting emotional at the oddest things. I watched “Bend it like beckham” and I burst into tears at one scene where the lead character and her dad have a good moment together. I think my little box of emotions is starting to open a little bit.

I don’t know..maybe its because I’ve not spoken to my Dad for a while now (well, obviously) but I’m only now starting to realise what’s happened. I’m tired all the time, not really very talkative most of the time, and I’m just muddling my way through at work. Oh well. I guess this’ll pass.
People say “Oh, I’ll help”..and this is nice, except that I dont think there is really anything people can do. I’ve always dealt with things on my own.

Still, back to more positive things…..went out saturday night, with an actual girl (i know!) and it went really well Time to go, bye