I used to like nothing more than going out, drinking an unhealthy amount of alcoholic beverages, dancing like a moron, and then going home in the knowledge that I’d feel like shit the next day.

Funny, at the time, it always seemed like a good idea.

But now…I think I must be getting old before my time. I went out at the weekend, ostensibly for ‘A night out on the town with the lads’ I tried to have a good time, really I did. I drank the drinks (not too bad so far) and stood in a pub that was too crowded and too loud for any actual conversation (getting worse). I did draw the line, however, at trying to use chat-up lines older than the west ham back four, on women/girls who, to me, seemed younger than some of my socks.

yeah, okay, i should probably buy some new socks..i’ll admit that 😉

Admittedly, i’ve never been much of a “chat-up women in a nightclub/pub” kind of guy, anyway. Always been a bit of a chicken :p But seriously…how many people do you know who’ve formed a lasting relationship with somebody they’ve met in a bar….i can count them on the fingers of one head. (*tiphat TP*)

I dunno, maybe I am just a miserable bastard. But sometimes i like to have a few drinks and chat with people who can hold a conversation for more than “and what’s your name?” Occasionally, it is true, I end up having more than just one or two, and that can be fun. It’s just….why do people persist in doing things they really don’t like to do..is it peer pressure? possibly.

Better to be a chicken than a sheep.

Hmm. think i’ll use that as a motto.