So then. Only a few shopping days until christmas. Apparently.

I dont know why it is, but the older I get, the more cynical about Xmas i tend to get. I can admit that I was pretty cynical to start with, but anyway.

I’m not religious at all. (i find the whole idea of religion slightly odd, to tell the truth) so I’ve never been one to have midnight mass or anything. When I was a kid, young, carefree, innocent (hah!) I used to look forward to it in the selfish mercenary way that most seven-year-olds do. People say to me “oooh, but you get to spend time with your family!” which, yes, i can accept….but a lot of family get-togethers I hear about are ruined by arguments about ‘What her sister did to our Kev at our Brians wedding’, or other such trivialities. I’m lucky enough that I’m on pretty good terms with all of my immediate family.

As as for my non-immediate family…sod ’em. Bastards never bothered with me.

So the point is…the best thing about christmas (for me, at least) is that the telly’s not as crap as it normally is…Okay, there’s the Queen, but she’s nowhere near as bad as Noel Edmonds…

Doubtless I shall buy presents for people in the ritual i like to call “Oh shit, its christmas eve and all I can find are a novelty condom and some Thunderbirds socks…that mum sorted, what about the rest.”

The whole point about it is having someone to share it with makes it more enjoyable…even more so if you happen to a child to lavish gifts upon. Im not complaining too scare the crap out of me, and i quite enjoy being single atm.

Ah. Bugger. I can see myself descending into self-pity…and i hate doing that.

So anyway, hope you all enjoy your christmas shopping..and remember – buying close family relatives a vibrator is not necessarily a bad thing. They may get a buzz out of it.