Hey there you lovely people! Hope you’ve have a good build up to that whole christmassy-type thing cos itll all be over in less than 36 hours

On a happier note:- I had my works christmas do thingy on sunday, and i thought to myself..what shall i wear. Well, obviously. I didnt really fancy wearing blue or black, which seem to be pretty much the only colours available to the blokes. Unfair, or what. I mean, women can get away with wearing pretty much any colour but men, no.

So anyway..i though I’d inject a bit of colour and style into the proceedings. So I wore a black shirt, which was nice. Oh, and an orange suit. Calvin Klein, classy, eh?

No, probably not…but I liked it. As soon as I get my photos developed I shall refuse to show you because then, and only then, will i realise how much of a dickhead I actually looked.

Did i mention that i also wore a fedora?

time to go. Have yourselves a great day tomorrow, and I hope that you get everything you want, and not just at christmas, but throughout life. (all say ‘aaahhh’)

As jerry springer would say;”take care of yourselves….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand each other”