Wow, I had sooo much to drink. I felt really ill. Silly git I thought it’d be a nice idea to have a new years drinkies on monday night, cos i have to work on New Year’s day (bleh) so off I toddled with the intention of having 2, maybe 3 drinks and then home to beddy-byes.

Sounds quite a good plan, yes?

I managed to return home at just before 8.30 am…half an hour before going to work. I swear I was drunk half of the day at work.. I don’t think anyobdy noticed. Ooh, and I was, ahem, ill, in the staff loo, a personal first.

After that I felt much better, which was fortunate. I dont see why I was ill, I’d stopped drinking at 5 am. Oh well, no matter. I don’t think I embarassed my too much, i.e. any more than usual. I may have sent rude text messages to people, but that doesnt count, cos i cant remember who they were to.

So, anyway, this is the reason that I’m not going out on the piss tonight; in any case, I’m not really a great fan of queuing for half an hour for a watered down drink, that wasnt even the drink i actually ordered.